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My journey to Motherhood

I am a mother. I feel this, deeply anchored in every cell of my female body. I am a mother.

Although I might not live this physically in this life .. I feel that I am.

The memory of this deep power.. The memory of this ultimate transformation.. The memory of this essence, ... is present in my entire being. I am a mother.

I wear this essence in my body. I wear this wisdom in my womb. I wear this power in my soul.

A journey with many tears .. A journey of falling and getting up again .. A journey of vulnerability .. A searching that will be present my entire life, because this physical and emotional desire is so deeply anchored in my entire being...

A search that has been going on for years and has now gotten a more concrete picture. Letting go of the physical dream has been painful and at the same time one of the most powerful steps in my life so far. Realizing that this essence is already there. Realizing that I am a mother.

I invite the women in my life to support me in this path of releasing .. I got many mirrors in the other direction. Mirrors that I would not be happy if I cannot live this dream physically. These words still touch me deeply ... I hope to be a mirror that this Is possible. That you can see that we all carry this essence in us ... That we are all connected to this powerfull transformation.

And this does not mean that it will not hurt. This does not mean that I will not shed deep tears of sorrow. This does not mean that I will not feel anger for not being able to live this. Because I do and I will..

But I welcome all these layers of healing and releasing.

I choose in what form this motherhood will show itself in this life... I carry this essence deep in my bones. I will be a mother for my inner child. I will be a mother for your children. I will be a mother for other mothers. I will be a mother for mother nature. I will be a mother for myself. I will be me.

Motherhood Medicine.

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